Welcome to Fully Alive Families! This website is for anyone who is seeking, for the glory of God, to have a body functioning the way it was created to function. In the world we live in, this isn’t easy for anyone, especially for those struggling with chronic health issues. After years of struggling with my own autoimmune and gut issues and then my children’s, I look at myself and my family and I see that we are thriving. Thank you, Jesus! Our health isn’t perfect, and it probably will never be on this side of the grave, but we are living the full lives that God intends for his servants. And we wish the same for everyone.

This is not a blog – just a website designed to supplement my book, Fully Alive: A Mom’s toolkit for nourishing your family (and your soul) as you navigate tummy troubles, colic, sleep issues, food allergies, and more. You can purchase the book or use this site to download the autoimmune/gut healing/low-FODMAP/colic-friendly recipes that I talk about in my book. I also have a resources page which is literally one of the appendices from my book – but updated from time to time as I uncover books and websites worth sharing. You can check out some of my favorite products and brands, also, straight out of my book, this page will also be updated as I find more “hidden gems.” I will also eventually post something to share about our experience with heavy metal detox and tongue-tie clips, but not until we complete the greater part of those journeys. And last but not least, you can get in contact. FullyAliveFamilies@proton.me goes directly to me and I would love to hear your story and, if I can, address your questions.

Thank you so much for visiting – I hope to meet you both here on Earth and in Heaven!