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If you are struggling to find healing for yourself and your family, I wrote this book for you. In it I tell how Jason and I have sought and slowly found healing for me and our children. I wish it were something simple- a magic bullet supplement or therapy that I could post, but healing is rarely like that. Your journey to health will probably be like ours: step by step, maybe for years, with lots of new knowledge, perspectives, and habits along the way. Right now, you may feel up to your ears in your own and your family’s sleep, autoimmune, gut, breastfeeding, mental, and behavioral symptoms. Let me help! Fully Alive is full of knowledge to empower you to put together the pieces of your health puzzle as well as small tricks and encouragement to help you handle specific troubles that are troubling you right now. The book is brimming with information, resources, and experiences to help you navigate your way to a healthier, happier, freer, place.

Fully Alive is also a great resource for those looking for a way to explain to family and friends what it is like to live in a family struggling with food sensitivities, chronic conditions, or sleep issues. You can just hand them my book and let me do the explaining – the gorgeous artwork could convince even a reluctant reader to give it a try.